My Reading List, Part I

I’ll admit it.  I can get lost on the Internet sooooo quickly.  One article leads to another, which leads to a wikipedia page, which leads to somebody’s reddit, which leads to the Onion – and before you know it, I’ve gone from an article on the new Captain America movie to a wiki page discussing Michael Chiklis’ filmography.  Ten minutes later, I’m off somewhere reading about Alton Brown’s favorite bow tie recommendations.

Point is, I like to read, and I like to share what I’ve read – and I can’t do that on social media, because I don’t want to be that guy who posts a Facebook update every two minutes.  So my goal is to curate my favorite articles here, sharing them with the world every week or two.

That said, here’s my Reading List, Part 1 – the best, most interesting, most useful, or possibly just the funniest stuff I’ve read this week (in no particular order):

6 Ways Teaching Leads Your Church
This is just good stuff for any church leader to remember.  If you’re working in a church, I think you should be following the crew at unSeminary.

A New Way to Tackle Gun Deaths
I’m all for the right to bear arms.  I like wild game too much to argue otherwise.  I don’t want to take anyone’s guns, or ban them outright.  (It feels a little crazy that I have to put that out there.)  However, I do believe we could probably do some things to make gun ownership a safer process, and this article lays out some interesting thoughts on the subject.

3 BIG Reasons People Leave Your Church
I’m supposed to be working on our new member classes and our guest “first impressions” systems at church, and the ideas in this article are easy to agree with, but sometimes very hard to remember (and implement) in the midst of it all.

A Visual Guide to the 7 Major Types of Canned Tomatoes
I like to cook.  I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about food – and honestly, I’m not sure I could have told you the difference between tomato puree and tomato paste.  But then I read this article.

Warning!  7 Human Foods Best Kept Away From Your Cat
I had no idea you shouldn’t feed cats grapes or raisins, though.  Not much chance of that happening around here, but still…


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