My Reading List, Part 2


So, today I’m continuing my series of interesting stuff I’ve read this week.  As always, I can’t vouch that you’ll find any of it interesting.  That said, here’s my Reading List, Part 2 – the best, most interesting, most useful, or possibly just the funniest stuff I’ve read this week (in no particular order):

What You May Have Wrong About the Gospel
Best thing I’ve read this week.  Jefferson Bethke asks some important questions – why are we here?  What’s God’s purpose in our lives?  Most importantly, how does a deeper understanding of the context of scripture affect how we interpret the teachings of Jesus?  It’s a conversation we need to have in the American church.

“Yes, there’s sin, but the better story, the bigger story, is Shalom and God’s vision for the cosmos including us—that we’re image bearers, that the first voice over us was not condemnation but was a voice of love and joy.”

Don’t Hide Behind the Hype
Man, Relevant puts out some good stuff.  A great article about the culture and evolution of worship music in America, and the importance of keeping focused on what’s truly important in the midst of it all.  Here’s a quote that stuck with me:

It’s actually easier to go to church and do the big production thing—and I’m not putting lights and the smoke machines down, because I like the lights and smoke machines when I sing songs. But it’s so easy to hide behind the hype and to convince yourself that we’re doing the hype because we’re helping God out. When the truth is, we’re actually doing the hype because it’s easier to do the hype than to be vulnerable and put your heart out there—but the real goodness is in that.

Plus, it has a link to this song, which I’m in love with.

Advice From the Creator of Calvin and Hobbes
Great advice for life, especially for those of us who tend to judge our lives by how well we’re climbing the corporate ladder.  Plus, it’s drawn in the style of Bill Watterson, as well – and that’s worth clicking on the link.

Playboy’s Move Away From Nudity Is Actually a Bad Sign
So, Playboy’s moving away from nudity – and that’s great and all, but is it really a sign that people are tired of pornography?  Probably not.

15 Ways to Improve Your Cooking Life, 5 Minutes at a Time
This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but there’s a lot of good advice here for home cooks.


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