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This is us – formal night on our cruise to Alaska!


Welcome to our website!  We’re Bryan and Erin Townsend, and this is where we’ll post whatever happens to cross our minds – out thoughts on culture and politics, opinions about Christianity and the church, rants about our favorite sports teams (or board games) – and recipes that we both enjoy!  Thanks for checking us out!

Who Are We?

Bryan is a Christian, a dangerous home cook, and a long-suffering Razorback fan.  He’s originally from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where he learned to read, watch Star Trek, and developed a strong favoritism for his two grandmothers’ cooking.

His parents had him in church the first Sunday they could, and he’s had pretty good attendance since.  He surrendered to pastoral ministry after high school, and since then has served in about every position possible – but mostly as a youth volunteer or a pastor. Currently, he’s working as webmaster, social media coordinator, audio/video engineer, and part of the preaching team at his local church.

Our cats, being cats.

He’s been married to Erin since 2012, and doesn’t think it’s possible to have a kinder, funnier, or stronger wife.  You can follow Bryan on Facebook by clicking here, or on Twitter at @bs_townsend.

Erin is a fan of all things history, her teams (Mizzou, Northwest, the Royals, and the Nevada Tigers), and musical theater.  She should have a Doctorate in over-committing but loves teaching at Nevada Middle School and serving in her local church.  She considers it a blessing to have been shaped by years full of bugs, silly songs, and finding Jesus at church camp.  She was loved and mentored by some of the best Christian women she has ever known and hopes someday to have just a sliver of the impact on someone else that they had on her.

She has been spoiled by the “dangerous” home cook, Bryan for the past three and ½ years and can’t wait to make it a lifetime!  You can follow Erin on Facebook by clicking here, or on Twitter and Instagram at @emacteaches.

Pork Chop & T-Bone are actually the “people” who run this house, just don’t tell the humans mentioned above.


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